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Falcon's Nest Construction Continues

Last week the GHE PTA kicked off Phase 2 of Falcon's Nest and we are thrilled to share the news with our Falcon Families and supporters!


Now that our concrete walkways are in and our shelter is up, our GHE Falcon's Nest Committee has committed more resources to completing Falcon's Nest. As you visit the school this week you will notice our latest additions - a new storage shed and a wood fence!


The shed will provide us with much needed storage space and will secure materials and fixtures to be used within the Falcon's Nest area. Thanks to a generous donation of base stone from Stone Center and the hard work of some of our Falcon Dads, the shed has been located adjacent to our sheltered gathering space for easy access. 



The wood fence surrounds our Falcon's Nest facility providing safety and security for our little Falcon's as they spend time within the Nest. The enclosure truly sets the Falcon's Nest apart from the campus creating a unique and nurturing environment for our Falcons.


Many new elements will soon be arriving including our education stations and seating. Please check back for more information about the progress of the GHE Falcon's Nest.

jennifer evangelist on 10/3/2021 8:12 pm