Our annual fall fundraiser inspires your children to work together to make GHE SOAR. GHE SOAR-a-thon promotes growth, inclusivity and community celebration using your child’s unique talents to make GHE soar.



Our goal is to build Inspirational Environments by adding interior art and signage to warm our hallways and shared spaces and offering the many great programs GHEPTA sponsors at the school. 


GHE students will join their classroom team, complete the challenges, share their journey and help GHE grow as a school community.  Each day the classrooms will work on a collective project for that day⏤STEM, Outreach, Athletics and Reflections⏤and complete challenges to reach their goal. These challenges will contribute to the growth of GHE. Like our past fall fundraisers, students will commit to a task and ask for donations based on completion of that task. At the end of the two-week period, students will celebrate their accomplishments by running on the track at the SOAR-A-THON FUN RUN.

Please share your child's personal fundraising page by email, Facebook and Twitter to all family & friends who want to support your child. Stay tuned for fun social media sharing challenges on our Facebook page





  1. Personalize your child’s fundraising page. All donations are made from a GHE student’s personal fundraising page.
  2. Ask your child how they SOARED this week and share their accomplishments with family and friends along with a link to your child's personalized fundraising page.