This year’s fall fundraiser wants to inspire your children to work together to make GHE SOAR. Last year, your student chose a team; this year, we are one team: Team SOAR. GHE SOAR-a-thon is a fundraiser that promotes growth, inclusivity and community celebration using your child’s unique talents to make GHE Soar.



Congratulations, GHE!! We raised over $33,000 this year! The students will get to SLIME Principal Walker and Assistant Principal Lombardo. Principal Walker will sleep on the roof of the school. And, most importantly, we will be able to continue building out Falcon's Nest and offering the many great programs GHEPTA sponsors at the school. 


GHE students will join their classroom team, complete the challenges, share their journey and help GHE grow as a school community.  Each day the classrooms will work on a collective project for that day⏤STEM, Outreach, Athletics and Reflections⏤and complete challenges to reach their goal. These challenges will contribute to the growth of GHE. Like our past fall fundraisers, students will commit to a task and ask for donations based on completion of that task. At the end of the two-week period, students will celebrate their accomplishments by running on the track at the SOAR-A-THON FUN RUN, much like 2019’s famous Turkey Trot. (Back by popular demand: a COLOR RUN for 4th & 5th grades!).


We need your help for the FUN RUN. Sign up to volunteer!



This year we're continuing to raise funds to fill in Falcon's Nest outdoor classroom, while also enhancing GHE PTA programs across the board! We want to give our students more academic programs, increase campus improvements and add teacher grants. This is our largest (and most memorable fun) fundraiser of the year.


Falcon's Nest outdoor classroom is a multi-year project started in 2020 and a significant undertaking for our school. GHE raised funds from our incredible corporate sponsors, grants and our families last spring for construction. Falcon’s Nest needs furniture, rain barrels, irrigation system, solar energy, plants and more academic stations. This educational learning space is STEM-focused and aligned with GHE’s curriculum. The benefits for our children are immense. Now we need our families to come together and ]get Falcon's Nest to the finish line. The more we are able to raise, the faster our students will be able to benefit from learning outdoors.



SOAR-a-thon launches Friday, October 15 and all donations must be made from a GHE student’s personal fundraising page.

  • Parents and guardians: Go to your child’s fundraising page from our online store on October 15. Use the email & social media share links on your child's page to share with friends and family.
  • Friends and extended family: Ask parents/guardians to send you a link to their child's personalized fundraising page.

We are grateful to be able to give so much to our students because of the generous donations of all sizes from GHE friends and families! All students will be part of SOAR-a-thon regardless of financial participation. We understand if your family is not in a position to financially support the school right now. You can help by SHARING the link to your child’s fundraising page. Sharing IS supporting!


The sky’s the limit in Donations and Amazing Rewards! 
Your STUDENT has the chance to earn fun incentives at every level. With each donation level achieved, students get extra fun prizes like a Pop It Keychain, an Athletic Headband to wear at Fun Run and a color changing 'GHE' mood watch! 
When each CLASS reaches their goal, they will do fun activities of their choosing, like Pie in the Face or a Camping Day.
When Green Hope as a SCHOOL reaches our $25,000 goal, the Fun Run will turn into a Costume Fun Run for all! If we exceed the goal, Principal Walker and Assistant Principal Lombardo have requested to be SLIMED again! And this time the aren't going to wear protective rain gear!


Sharing is Supporting! Please share your child's personal fundraising page by email, Facebook and Twitter to all family & friends who want to support your child. Stay tuned for fun social media sharing challenges on our Facebook page


*VIRTUAL ACADEMY: Please send child's photos/video with their name and their teacher’s name to ghepta@ghepta.org. We will upload them as private videos to the PTA’s YouTube channel for teachers to share in their morning meetings. Sharing is completely optional by connects us. At the end of the campaign we will make a video montage of our students’ accomplishments to share with families on our PTA website and social media channels. If you do not want your child’s video or photo included in the montage, please let us know when you submit your video or photo.


SOAR-a-thon is for all students! Falcon strong and together, no matter the distance!