Falcon's Nest Founder Sponsorships

GHE parents and teachers are committed to creating an innovative learning experience for students and have already donated their time and money to our program. To meet our goal we also need the support of the local community. 


Falcon's Nest offers tiered sponsorship opportunities and GHE PTA will work with you on the most appropriate representation for your donation. 


In addition to the corporate sponsorships below, we are offering GHE families the chance to become a Falcon's Nest Founding Family for $1,000At this level you receive all of the benefits from our Back-to-School donation drive plus permanent recognition as a Founding Family on our outdoor classroom donor wall.


GHE PTA has raised almost half the funds for construction and shelter from businesses and grants. We welcome your contribution to help get our school to our goal. Your donation will go to Phase 3 costs, including furniture, whiteboards, a storage shed, landscape and irrigation, academic stations and more! 

Contact fundraising@ghepta.org for more information or become a Falcon's Nest sponsor today.



GHE parents, faculty and the administration understand that outdoor learning opportunities build students' creativity, problem-solving skills, cooperation and confidence. We believe in the value of open spaces to support physical activity and access to fresh air and natural light for health and safety. This outdoor learning space, Falcon's Nest, will be a legacy for generations of GHE families



GHE PTA has entered into a multi-year journey to create our outdoor learning environment. We've assembled a team of students, teachers, parents and administrators. A master plan, developed with a landscape architect and with input from WCPSS and Town of Cary, will guide development of Falcon's Nest. 




Contact fundraising@ghepta.org to become a Falcon's Nest sponsor today!