2023-24 GHE PTA Community Project


The most important goal of the GHE PTA is to support our students and our community in having a high quality educational experience. As the GHE school community grows and changes, we must continually re-evaluate and realign our programs and projects to match the values and priorities of the families we serve. This year we surveyed our members about the programs they value most and the areas toward which they would like to see the GHE PTA direct resources in the coming years. Specifically, using the National PTA Healthy Lifestyles program as a framework, we have arrived at five potential areas of focus for the 2023-24 school year. 




Academic Enrichment: e.g. STEAM programming, foreign language, career expos


Mental Health: e.g. resources for our counselors and families

Nutrition: e.g. health and wellness month, guest speakers


Safety: e.g. new walkie talkies for improved communication


Sustainability: e.g. composting, gardening club, earth day celebration







Survey Results

Thanks to our community for participating in the survey at the start of the 2023-24 school year. After reviewing the results, we have found that Academic Enrichment is by far the top priority of our families. In open comments many members referred to after school clubs in a variety of content areas as being a key area they would like to see PTA focus on. Safety was a second priority while Mental Health and Sustainability were very nearly tied for 3rd place. 


Using this information, the PTA as planned several new initiatives to achieve the priorities expressed by the community. 


  • Organize after school clubs through Teaching Enrichment for Kids. Currently we are testing out the popularity of these programs. If they are successful we propose to invest significantly in STEM materials that can be used to expand these offerings.
  • Create new programs during school hours such as a STEM Career Expo and Culture Week to expand academic enrichment for all students.
  • Purchase new walkie-talkies to aid teacher communication during regular daily activities as well as in cases of emergency.

We are also continuing to evaluate ideas to address all of the key areas of feedback. We appreciate the support of our entire GHE community!