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Originally delivered on 10/9/2020 12:00 pm

SUBJECT: 1 Week to SOAR-A-THON Virtual Fundraiser!

Please Click on Image and Enjoy SOAR Video Below..

SOAR-A-THON Fundraiser Starts in 1 Week

Get ready, Falcon Families! The excitement is about to start. For One Week Only Oct. 16-23. Watch above video!

With this year’s fall fundraiser, GHE PTA wants to inspire your children to find outwhat makes them SOAR. GHE SOAR-a-thon is a virtual fundraiser that promotes growth, inclusivity and community celebration of your child’s unique talents.

WHAT MAKES YOU SOAR? GHE students will join a team, complete the challenges, share their journey and grow with our school community. Each student will choose a team⏤STEM, Outreach,Athletics and Reflections⏤and complete challenges to reach their goal. Like our past fall fundraisers, students will commit to a task and ask for donations based on completion of that task. This year, instead of running, they choose how they will soar. 

All students will take part in SOAR-a-thon regardless of financial participation. We understand if your family is not in a position to financially support the school right now. You can help by SHARING the link to your child’s fundraising page. Sharing IS supporting!

Did you know that our fall fundraiser is our biggest source of income each year? We are grateful to be able to give so much for our students and teachers, but that only happens because of the generous donations from GHE friends and families! Since we put this on ourselves, ALL PROCEEDS STAY WITH GHE!

GOAL: $20,000+
What We're Fundraising For

An Outdoor Classroom! This educational learning space will be STEM-focused and tied into GHE curriculum.

The outdoor education environment will be a multi-year project and is a significant undertaking for our school. The more we are able to raise today, the faster our students will be able to benefit from learning outdoors. We hope this is a solution to our current situation. 

  • STUDENT: Incentives are given for reaching different fundraising levels. 
  • CLASS: The highest earning class will receive a special incentive.
  • SCHOOL: When the overall goal is met, students will choose a Tik Tok for Principal Walker and VP Lomardo to do...and maybe slime them again!
Sign Up Instructions
  1. PERSONALIZE.Follow these steps on Friday, Oct. 16th to set up your child’s fundraising page.

  2. PICK A TEAM. Ask your child to pick a SOAR team (visit for details). 

  3. DONATE & SHARE.Donate and Share your child’s fundraising page with 10 family & friends.

SHARE your SOAR stories
Send your child’s challenge videos or photos with their name and their teacher’s name to We will upload them as private videos to the PTA’s YouTube channel for teachers to share in their morning meetings. Sharing is completely optional, but we know that sharing is a way for classmates to learn about each other. At the end of SOAR-a-thon we will make a video montage to share with families on our PTA website and social media channels. If you do not want your child’s video or photo included in the montage, please let us know when you submit your video or photo.
After each challenge is completed.
Sharing connects students to each other, showcases your child’s talents, and energizes the fundraising campaign. By sharing with family/friends, it inspires others to donate to our campaign and it will surely bring BIG smiles to their faces to see your student SOARING.

#LetsSoarTogether #FalconStrong