Art By Me

Great news! Art By Me is back in the art room this year! Art By Me is a unique art program that transforms student artwork into beautiful, professionally made products all while helping raise funds for art supplies and other resources for Green Hope Elementary's art program.


In-person students are already hard at work creating a beautiful picture in art class under the direction of our amazing art teacher, Mrs. Driggers. When finished, GHE families will have the opportunity to order from over 60 products with their child’s beautiful artwork printed on each item—from t-shirts and tote bags to coffee mugs and keychains.


Purchased items will be delivered to GHE before the winter break so these make GREAT holiday gifts for friends and family. These items are truly one-of-a-kind and last a lifetime.


For 4th and 5th graders, this is the LAST year they will get to participate in Art By Me. It will not be offered at GHE next year and is not offered in middle or high school.


Virtual Academy students can also participate in Art By Me! Have your student starting creating a masterpiece following the exact guidelines below. There will be a date in mid-October that we'll ask parents/guardians to drop their students' artwork at the school so they can submitted to Art By Me.


Virtual Academy Artwork Guidelines

  1. Final artwork must be 8 1/2" x 11".
  2. Artist name on front 1/2" from papers edge. Check for correct spelling of student name. Suggestion: also include the year 2021
  3.  School, teacher, student name, grade, and date must be written NEATLY on the back of the paper.
  4. Use bright, bold colors of paint, markers, and crayon and/or colored pencil. Be sure to press down firmly when using crayons. 
  5. Artwork must be complete: All areas colored in with bright bold colors. They reproduce best on the white products. Suggestion: Colored decorative borders add a great finishing touch.
  6. Erase all stray pencil marks.
  7. One artwork per student will be processed.
  8. Do not submit light-colored pastel artwork. They do not reproduce appropriately.
  9. Do not use glitter, sand, confetti or any loose materials that will flake or fall off.
  10. Do not use 3D artwork or copyright images. (Ex: Disney characters)

Here are some sample images to help explain the guidelines.



Questions? Contact Mrs. Driggers: